questions and answers

Is a cash discount possible?

Sorry, I am not supermarket.

How do you practise pissing? In the mouth or on the body? Is for this practics surcharge?

Pissing can to be in to mouth and on body too. The price is the same, without surcharge.

Can you to be naked for me?

You never see me naked or exposed! For naked you visit other equipment.

What is your size of foot?

My size is 38 (5).

On the facebook is your name Cora Sharp. Are you really so sharp?

I can to be very sharp and strict, but I am tender too.

Make you escort and outdoor lessons?

Escort do not accept. For outdoor lesson I have not ideal place.

Can visit you woman?

Of course, it is my dream :).

What do you like the most?

In the last time I love clinic, CBT, POT and  footfetish.

Can I parking near studio?

Yes, you can. The street is safe district.

Go to dinner with me?

Sorry, I am going to dinner only with my partner or friends.